What is a WOC nurse?

A wound, ostomy and continence (WOC) nurse facilitates optimal care for patients dealing with complex wounds, ostomies or incontinence issues. WOC nurses work in a variety of healthcare settings, including acute care, long-term care and home health.

The nurse embarking on the journey to become a WOC nurse is opening the door to a specialty that makes a tremendous difference in the lives of patients. Whether you plan to specialize in wounds, ostomies or incontinence, all three practice areas offer opportunities for professional growth in a variety of health care settings. WOC nurses provide acute and rehabilitative needs for people with selected disorders of the gastrointestinal, genitourinary and/or integumentary system. WOC nurses provide direct care to people with abdominal stomas, wounds, fistulas, drains, pressure ulcers and/or continence disorders. As an educator, consultant, researcher and/or administrator, the WOC nurse plays a pivotal role in the guidance of optimal patient care.

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Resources for Nursing Students

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WOC Nurses in Action

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